Saturday, October 4, 2014

Tru Goals

I started out 2014 with some stiff goals for myself. I held on to them for a little while and then dropped them one by one along the way like any other good habit I've tried to hang on to. The traditional resolution setting ceremony is something I typically don't participate in... and that's why. Hype is on your shoulder cheering you on to assign these incredible, yet elusive goals to your conscience. Guilt is there also, ensuring that you'll keep at them. After all, you NEED to achieve these goals so you don't succumb to the word FAILURE. At first your goals seem like they're sitting in a cloud above your head with electrifying shooting stars, just begging for you to reach out and grab them, promising a roar from the crowd when you do. Then you get started into the year and find that your motivation is slipping. Work, kids, schedules, family, homework, dinner, grocery shopping... these all seem to get in the way of your goal glory. Although not ceremonious, I am still going to set goals. Maybe I'll fall short, but there's always a chance I will actually succeed, right?

It's October 2014 - ten months into the year. I'm now representing a 6-month old health & wellness company that is experiencing so much growth it can't keep up. I'm becoming a product of their products. Ten pounds down already, I feel it's safe to set a goal for myself. In fact, I'm setting three. Here goes...

Goal 1:
Simple. 20in13. I want to lose 20 more pounds in the next 13 weeks which will be the end of 2014.

Goal 2:
Not so simple. Get moving. I just purchased a FitBit Flex and will hopefully get some motivation to get moving more. TruVision Health has a 10K Pledge and I'm anxious to join in once my FitBit comes in! 10K steps a day is so much more than I ever get near because of my desk job, but it will help get me motivated to do something extra. Maybe some gym time will kick in now that the weather is starting to cool off. If you're interested in learning more about the 10K Pledge, go to TVH 10K Pledge.

Goal 3:
To become a 1 Star Director with TruVision Health. I will promote this month to a Senior Director and I'm so excited about that! Then next is that 1 Star Director, so I'm looking forward to getting some new team members!!

There they are - my TruGoals through December 31, 2014. Yes, it's October but there are no restrictions on when and how you can set your goals.


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