Friday, October 3, 2014

New and Exciting things - Part 2

Sometimes things aren't what we think they are or what we once knew them to be. We know something's changed. We can feel it, sense it... even taste it. Although we are absolutely certain of the change, we feel like we need to stick around and wait for some nationwide revealing before we can move on. Just waiting for it to slap us in the face. That's how I've been for over a year. The initial success I had with the other company was more than I could have dreamed of - 35 lbs down in only 7 months. But after that, nothing happened. Product change after product change, gaining weight back steadily, I stuck with it, praised it, pumped it up and was dedicated to it.

Then a little birdie told me about this AMAZING new product line under the name of TruVision Health. I was interested when I first heard about it, but still skeptical that anything could work again, I put it in the back of my head. The birdie came back and mentioned it again. This time I was ready to jump in. I found out that the man who created the original products I had success on for the other company had created these also - and they worked just like those products I loved so much 2+ years ago. They have 7-day sample packs that you can try so you can see exactly what it can do for you. I wanted one.

Have I ever mentioned I'm a very impatient person? So yeah, I didn't ask for a sample to be sent to me... I just jumped in with both feet and all my extra weight. I joined. Before I ever tried the product. It may seem like a desperate measure to some, but I'm going with hopeful. Hopeful for another chance at success. Hopeful for another chance to change lives with products I could be confident in. The week I waited for my product to arrive was tough. I was checking out every single testimony I could find... reading up on the products and the company. Heck, I had two friends join me within a day of being in the business!

So when the box of products finally arrived, I thought I had won the lottery. I started it right away at lunch. Twenty minutes later, I could feel that old energy that I'd been missing in the other products that I was taking for the past 17 months. I could tell my appetite was cut in half. My portion sizes were cut in half. The monster edge that made me munch on sweets was majorly diminished. It was back. IT WAS BACK!!

That was 5 weeks and TEN POUNDS AGO! Yes, I'm finally a loser again! Thankfully, I am seeing some results. Thank you, little birdie.

Please share this with someone who is looking to make a change. And check back soon for another update.


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