Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sit a spell and read!

Abbey's in Kindergarten. I know, seems impossible to me. Five years have flown by and I'm wondering what I've missed along the way. Anyone who knows me well knows my memory is good when it's good and non-existent otherwise. I can, however, clearly remember taking her to my OB's office to show her off, just a couple of weeks after she was born. To show off her natural golden highlighted hair that she was born with.... and her petite little painted toenails.

Okay, back to my Kindergartener. She's reading already. I know this isn't unusual for a lot of children but Seth really didn't get going well on reading until he was in 1st grade. I thought for a while Abbey was just "reading" books from memory, but I've watched her pick up a new book and sound out words. She's read Green Eggs and Ham 5 times since yesterday. It's amazing to me how their little minds can learn new things!

I've been wanting to get her room fixed up a little differently for a while now, and saw a cute reading bench on Pinterest that I wanted her Dad to make. He got it made and he and Seth painted it yesterday. Bright pink, of course. So today after church, Mimi and I made her the cutest, hippest cushioned bench topper for it with a few things we picked up at Joann Fabric yesterday. It's so adorable and it was really easy to make!

I can't wait to get the next project done in her room! I'm most certain it will warrant its own blog post. Stay tuned. ;)



  1. This turned out really cute Susan! I love owls too. :)

  2. A very cute little reading bench. I love the fabric you used to cover it.